Defective Yellow Brass Fitting Replacement in Hawaii Condos, Apartments

Failed Yellow Brass Fittings

Defective Yellow Brass Fittings in Hawaii Multifamily Residences

Yellow Brass Fitting -1Certain PEX pipe systems used fittings made with high-zinc yellow brass. These fittings are subject to dezincification, which can cause disastrous leaks. Yellow brass first came on the market in the late 1990s, and though the full extent of the problem has yet to be determined, it is known to be an issue nationwide.

What is dezincification?

The defective yellow brass fittings used with PEX piping systems were made of inferior brass that had a high percentage of zinc. As water flows through the pipes, zinc leaches out of the fittings and zinc oxide, a white residue, builds up on the inside of the pipes, restricting water flow. As the fittings corrode, they pull zinc into the water system. As a result, these pex pipe problems can cause fixtures to clog, and fittings to crack and break.

Yellow Brass Fitting - 2


What to do if you have defective yellow brass fittings?

If you are facing yellow brass challenges call us at 808.536.1875 to hear about your pex pipe replacement options.  In some cases, class action settlements are available to help offset costs.