The Hawaii One Call Repipe Process from SageWater

One Call Repipe Process

Understanding how SageWater's pipe replacement process works

SageWater’s proprietary One Call Repipe process for supply and drain waste and vent (DWV) pipe problems delivers a complete pipe replacement program. From project management to plumbing, drywall to paint and carpentry to cleaning crews, our client experience is truly turnkey.

For condominium owners, a pipe replacement is an investment in their home. SageWater understands the importance of setting expectations from the outset so communities are able to make informed investment decisions. We provide pre-construction support to help navigate the decision-making process and serve as strategic advisors to your AOAO condominium board.

SageWater’s One Call Repipe process is organized into several key stages:


The pre-construction phase includes project evaluation, scope of work, and proposal development and project kickoff. We often schedule a site visit and client meeting to gain a thorough understanding of the scope of work and site conditions – collecting floor plans, site maps, and other details. Our team then prepares a detailed proposal for your review. If you have engaged a third-party engineer, architect or construction manager, SageWater will develop a formal scope of work based on your final bid and specification documents, and are happy to assist with value engineering based on our extensive experience. Once the contract is approved, we kick off the project and acquire the permits, schedule pre-construction meetings with all key stakeholders, hold resident town hall meetings to provide information and updates about the pipe replacement process and work with management to finalize the resident communications package.


Every pipe replacement project begins with extensive site preparations and protection, including the setup and installation of a dust mitigation system. When we finish work for the day, we remove debris and clean each unit to maintain a tidy work site. Our crews work as an integrated team to access the pipes by making precise drywall and tile cuts within the work areas, removing the old pipes to make way for the new piping system to be installed. Most importantly, we guarantee the unit will be operational at the end of each day and residents never have to move out during the process.


As we work through the building, we will meet with each unit owner (or their designated representative) to perform a final walk-through of each unit as it’s completed. We will address any punch list items and conduct a final inspection to ensure that the project was completed correctly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Providing a truly turnkey solution, we bring all of the necessary skills to your project under one contract. With a single point of accountability and reduced overhead, we deliver value on every job every day.