Corporate Responsibility

Peter Page - SageWater's PresidentSageWater is committed to corporate responsibility and actively endeavors to support all of our stakeholders.  We stand behind our actions and commitments, striving to improve the world and our workplace every day.

We have four key stakeholders:

  • Our employees
  • Our clients
  • Our communities
  • Our planet


Our Employees
Our incredible tenure and retention rates make clear our commitment to our employees. Our people stick around because of our competitive benefits, the many opportunities for career growth and professional development, and our commitment to work/life balance. As a services firm, we know that our employees are our greatest asset, and we work hard to ensure they continue to be happy, healthy, and satisfied with their employment at SageWater.


Our Clients
SageWater is committed to our clients’ success and satisfaction. That’s why we have the best warranties in the industry and work hard to maintain our unsurpassed quality and professionalism. We are always on time and on budget, ensuring our clients know what they are buying and what they will get. Our commitment is reflected in our ethical business practices, quality assurance and accountability, and sustainable solutions:

  • Ethical business practices: From day one, SageWater employees are trained to act ethically. All employees are E-Verified, and we conduct regular random drug and alcohol screening to ensure everyone is always fit to perform at the highest level. Everyone follows our corporate policies for timekeeping, expense reporting, security, and other operational practices. And we all receive frequent and continuous feedback on our performance, so we can resolve any issues immediately instead of waiting for annual reviews. We solicit customer feedback regularly, and we’re creating a formal survey mechanism to evaluate our performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Project management excellence, quality assurance, and accountability: SageWater manages clients’ projects using our time-proven methodologies and best-practice project management techniques. No one in the industry can match our management and communications capabilities. From pre-renovation communications to resident walk-throughs, we ensure the quality of our products and remain accountable for our work.
  • Sustainable, long-term solutions: SageWater helps our clients achieve lasting results. We always use the best products for the job and offer products backed by manufacturers’ warranties that are exclusive to SageWater, so clients get the longest protection in the industry on the products installed in their property.

Plumbers don’t get thank-you notes—but we do! SageWater has happily amassed hundreds of letters from property owners, property managers, and residents thanking us for improving their plumbing.


Our Communities
SageWater is committed to supporting our local communities, so we searched for a charitable partner who could match our passion for solving problems for people in need and ensuring a safe, sustainable living environment. We found one in the Fisher House Foundation.

Where SageWater solves pipe problems to give families peace of mind about their plumbing, Fisher House solves housing and transportation problems to give families peace of mind about being close to loved ones who were injured in the line of duty. Fisher House maintains a network of “comfort homes,” where military and veterans’ families can stay free while a loved one receives medical treatment. It also operates the Hero Miles program, using donated frequent flyer miles to fly family members to the bedsides of injured service members, and the Hotels for Heroes program, which uses donated hotel points to lodge family members near medical centers. Since its inception, the program has saved these families an estimated $235 million in lodging and transportation costs.

As a strategic partner of the Fisher House Foundation, SageWater donates financially and with airline miles to help keep the nationwide network of Fisher Houses running smoothly.


Our Planet
SageWater is committed to environmental sustainability, both in our offices and in our client work.

In our offices, we use environmentally friendly products and technology, including energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems as well as Energy Star®-rated appliances, printers, computers, and other office equipment. In our newly renovated corporate headquarters, we used energy-efficient building materials and light tubes to increase natural lighting and minimize electrical lighting costs.

On the job site, SageWater is always thinking about minimizing our environmental impact. We recycle many of our waste materials, including much of the old pipe we extract. We also help our clients improve their energy efficiency, often installing greener HVAC equipment as a component of our hydronic repipe solutions—which also saves our clients money on heating and cooling bills.

Many of our submetering and boiler to hot-water heater conversion projects have a significant indirect environmental impact as well. When properties pass costs along so that tenants and residents pay their own heating/cooling and water bills, properties typically see consumption drop drastically. It’s not uncommon to see a drop of 20% or more across the board, making these projects green and cost effective.