Pipe Slab Leak Solutions by SageWater Renew

SageWater Renew®

Stop slab leaks without disrupting residents or water service.

Renew Stops Your Slab Leaks. 

SageWater Renew® is the leading pipe treatment solution for stopping slab leaks in multifamily residential and commercial buildings – eliminating leaks in your corroded, aging pipes without costly intrusion. 

No jackhammers, no disruption of service to residents or your water service, and no mess.

Reduces your operating costs & long-term costs of pipe repair.

Safe, FDA/EPA/NSF approved solution for slab leak repair.
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sage-water-renewSageWater Renew® is the leading pipe restoration solution for hot and cold water supply pipes.  Renew halts corrosion, stops pinhole leaks and extends the life of your domestic water system.  If you would like to be in contact with us, please click here