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Condo Pipe Problem Solved

Video Series: Planning For The Realities Of Condominiums With Aging & Failing Piping Systems.

Watch the 8 segment video series featuring SageWater and other expert panelists for an in-depth discussion regarding the main obstacles and solutions involving condominiums with failing piping systems.

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Four Reasons Why Repiping is the Proven Solution for Aging Properties

The art of the modern multi-family repipe (the installation of new pipe to replace old or defective piping) has been around for over 30 years. As buildings begin to show their age, little thought is paid to the reality that aging is more than skin deep. Lurking behind the newly painted walls and beyond the […]

What’s that Awful Smell?

Sometimes, you just need to follow your nose.  When sewer odors creep up from your drains or out through your walls, chances are, you have a significant plumbing problem.  This was just the case at a Washington D.C. Area apartment complex.  Built in the early 1960’s, this 8-story complex was having routine leaks on the […]

Avoid a Condo Conundrum

Introduction Piping systems are failing at an alarming rate across the country as our infrastructure ages. From domestic supply pipes (hot and cold drinking water), to drain, waste and vent piping, to heating and cooling piping, its all starting to go. Because these pipes are usually out of sight behind sealed walls, communities

Rising Tides: The Catch 22 For Condos That Need A Repipe

Your building is leaking.  Your pipes are failing.  Your insurance company might even be calling.  You need a repipe.  The problem is that it’s going to cost millions of dollars, and your board doesn’t have it in your reserves.  Do you take out a loan, issue a special assessment, or both to cover the costs?  […]