Sagewater Announces Promotions in Support of Continued Company Growth

December 16, 2015

Sagewater Announces Promotions in Support of Continued Company Growth



Alexandria, Virginia, December 16, 2015 – SageWater, the nation’s leading pipe replacement and restoration contractor, has announced several significant internal promotions within its leadership team.  David Hossfeld has been promoted to Vice President of National Accounts, and Jeffrey Dorton and Ken O’Neill have been promoted to Regional Operations Directors.

“These promotions are in response to outstanding on the job performance by all three of these long-tenured and valuable members of our management team,” said Peter Page, President of SageWater.  “As we continue to grow, being able to tap into our in-house experts to take on more responsibility, manage more work, and become more client focused is critical to our continued success. These promotions serve to acknowledge David, Jeffrey and Ken’s outstanding personal performance and increased set of responsibilities within the company.”

All three promotions formally took place in late-November and were put into effect in early-December.

“We are thrilled that we already have the talent within our own firm to lead our growth and expansion,” said John Ellis, CEO of SageWater. “We look forward to their continued success in their new roles.”


About SageWater

SageWater is the nation’s leading pipe replacement and restoration expert. Since 1988, they have repiped more than 100,000 occupied units, replacing over 35 million feet of pipe in apartment complexes, condominiums, office buildings, and single-family homes—all while tenants and residents stayed put.

SageWater’s innovative One Call Repipe® turnkey solution makes replacing outdated or defective pipes economical and hassle free and their signature Renew® solution extends the life of functioning systems not yet ready for replacement.

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