2020 budget season is here are you planning for problem pipes

It’s 2020 budgeting season,
are you planning for problem pipes?

2020 budget season is here are you planning for problem pipes

Ahhh, it’s finally starting to feel like autumn!  Temperatures are starting to drop, leaves are turning orange and red, and the smell of pumpkin spiced lattes fills the air on every street corner.  While there are many great things about the fall season, it’s often dreaded for the annual rite of passage called budget planning.  Yes, fall is a time to reflect on progress made this year, and to come up with a plan for next year; 2020 is right around the corner, and priorities must be negotiated, set and funded.  Yes folks, it’s budget planning season too!  So grab a slice of pumpkin pie and prepare to dig in…

Whether you are a condominium community, a multi-family property manager or owner, it’s mid-October, and you are likely right in the middle of figuring out what needs work next year at your community.  Does the parking lot need resurfacing, how’s the roof holding up, are we finally ready to replace the windows after all these years?  Landscaping, kitchen renovations, the pool, the lobby, parking garage, laundry?  While the list may be long, and negotiating priorities with your board or management team may be arduous, we want to put in a small word for one thing you may not be thinking about for next year… your pipes!

Pipes generally get a bad rap.  Once installed within the walls of a new building, they are generally expected to work perfectly, forever.  Failure is not an option.  The only thing is, nothing lasts forever.  And when your pipes start to go, there is no turning back.  They will not get better, and they certainly won’t fix themselves.  It’s a long, sad one-way street to leaks, floods, insurance claims, and really angry residents.  But if you plan ahead, you can avoid this leaky lane with proper planning and preparation.

So how are your pipes?  Have you had any leaks this year?  How many?  Were they bad?  If so, you might want to think about adding your problem pipes to your budget for 2020.  Nothing is worse than thinking you can get by for another year or two only to have a catastrophic and expensive pipe failure that you were not planning for next year.  Think you need to start budgeting for it, but you are unsure how much or what it might cost?  Call us for a free consultation and we can help you figure it out.