Client Testimonials

If you are considering any HVAC repair project, I highly recommend SageWater.  The project was completed on time and within budget.  It was a real joy to have homeowners attend our monthly Board meetings and praise a contractor rather than complain.  SageWater was praised for the politeness of their workers and how clean they left each unit and homeowner communication was very good.  If you have a pending project, make sure they are among your list of bidders.

Kenneth Wilson General Manager Greenbriar Condominiums - Washington, D.C. June 13, 2017

SageWater minimized inconveniences and left our apartment clean.  I commend SageWater’s project manager for meeting all expectations.  He was always courteous, prompt and honest.  Because of SageWater, we can look forward to our warm apartment in the winter and a cool apartment in the summer.

Mel and Joan Price Residents Congressional Towers - Rockville, MD January 24, 2017

Thank you [SageWater] for the amazing work you guys did on our property. We wouldn't have made it through this project without Chris and Shawn. You guys are the best!

Dominion Heights Property Management Dominion Heights - Fresno, CA July 28, 2016

I want to thank Sagewater for the wonderful service we received at Ashford. The project was very well organized and completed much quicker than we’d anticipated. Ultimately, if the residents can remain happy during a process like this then we’ve succeeded. Eb and the rest of the team were wonderful and we would absolutely recommend [SageWater] to others.

Kristina Burks Property Manager Ashford Club Apartments - Tallahassee, FL July 25, 2016

As president of the building association, I interacted with [SageWater] everyday. I haven’t been called “sir” so many times in my life. I highly recommend SageWater and its outstanding crew. They completed the entire project on time and within the original bid proposal!

Robert W. Yatchmenoff Association President Pii'koi Villas - Honolulu, HI May 17, 2016

They were in and out like that, and we haven't had a problem since. Their project manager was fantastic!

Kevin Jones Maintenance Manager Duraleigh Woods - Durham, NC May 3, 2016

My family and I recently had SageWater complete a repiping project in our apartment complex. Right in the middle of the work in our apartment, we had a baby! The project manager was such a blessing in our situation. He was so understanding and considerate as he and his team worked around the birth of our daughter to help keep our home safe for her. We can't say thank you enough! He was kind and friendly, and his team was so professional. Thank you!

Lianna Quillen Resident The Parc at Briargate - Colorado Springs, CO April 29, 2016

We were having leaks across the property at Mission University and decided a repipe was our best course of action. SageWater came highly recommended so we chose them to complete our project. Overall, the project went great and was completed ahead of schedule. I was particularly impressed by how well all the crew members worked together as a team. Overall they did an excellent job!

Ray Stewart Vice President of Maintenance Services Mission University Pines - Durham, NC April 8, 2016

I was so impressed with SageWater and the work they have done here at Grosvenor Park III. The different stages were so well orchestrated with [the entire team]. Everyone was so courteous and non-intrusive. The coordination between SageWater and [property management] letting us know when each stage was going to be performed was like clockwork. Being in business for over 40 years, I know that is not an easy task! Bravo!

Anne Ryan Homeowner - Grosvenor Park III North Bethesda, MD February 12, 2016

I can not say enough about [your project manager] and his leadership.   He worked diligently to ensure that the project was as painless as possible for our guests and staff.  The Sagewater plumbing team also deserves the highest of accolades.   Their craftsmanship is unprecedented.   The efficiency of the team was amazing.   I would be remiss if I did not mention the dry-wall craftsman, his workmanship was flawless.  Our hats are off to the entire team!!

From me, my assistant general manager and the entire team, thanks for a great job.  We look forward to many days to come with no water leaks!!!

Gwen Brumley General Manager Residence Inn by Marriott - Montgomery, AL September 15, 2015

“Through a collaborative effort with building management, SageWater developed a complete resident communications program (including a property-specific website) to help ensure the best possible outcome for this complex renovation project. They then completed all the renovation work, including plumbing, insulation,

firestopping, drywall and paint as well as managing the asbestos abatement. This included replacement of the more than 1,200 FCUs in all 441 units. In all, SageWater did an excellent job, met all our requirements and de- livered an outstanding finished product, both on time and within budget.”

Jack Gallagher, CPM Senior Vice President, Property Management / Pollinger Shannon & Luchs 4000 Massachusetts Avenue July 24, 2015

SageWater did an excellent job completing our repipe.  They completed the project both on time and within budget. I would highly recommend them!

Doug Palmer National Director of Construction / OLYMPUS PROPERTY Steeplechase Apartments / Knoxville, TN July 24, 2015

During the 15 years I have been in the multifamily industry, this is only the fourth letter of recommendation I have written... Personally overseeing five re-plumb projects in the past — which were just short of nightmares — I was somewhat skeptical. Very quickly, I was proven wrong. The team of professionals you have working on our project are phenomenal.

Melissa Cannata Regional Property Manager / RMI Tampa, FL July 15, 2015

SageWater definitely lived up to their credentials! I was amazed at the workmanship and professionalism... Even though the new pipes are hidden by the sheetrock and no one can see the work to appreciate it, the new pipes were installed with great care and precision. Something only a Construction Manager can appreciate.

John T. Shaw Construction Manager / Milestone Management Houston, TX July 15, 2015

The results have been spectacular. Increased occupancy, less turnover, a more confident staff that can look a prospect in the eye and promise excellent service. What a difference.

David Humes FDH Asset Management San Antonio, TX July 15, 2015

"The scope of work presented to SageWater was daunting to say the least. SageWater staff held numerous town hall meetings with the intent to inform our owners about what to expect leading up to the project. Their workers were on time and ready to get started every morning and their cleanup crew was on the job at the end of every workday. When a SageWater representative said they would “take care of it” or “get back to you,” they did so in a timely manner. The bottom line is that SageWater reached “substantial completion” of the scope of work of our drain waste pipe replacement two months ahead of schedule and below the initial budget."

Shannon Noda-Carroll Board President / 1717 Ala Wai Honolulu, HI July 15, 2015

Sagewater has proven to be an asset to our building. Replacement of corroded cast iron drain, waste, and vent piping was anticipated to be a project that would be not only inconvenient and bothersome, but quite costly.  Sagewater’s professionalism, experience, and communication with Management Consultants, Building Management, and Residents made the project tolerable and less inconvenient. Sagewater came in under budget and in a timely manner. The experience was by far, much better than we originally had anticipated. Sagewater is a wonderful asset to the state of Hawaii and to any residential condominium. A trusted recommendation.

Michellee Hill, ARM® Resident Manager / Kahala Towers March 13, 2015

The SageWater team did a super job for the association, and we held a luncheon for them as a token of our appreciation. Thanks again for providing a valuable service to our association.

Board President Ko'olani February 27, 2015

SageWater has exceeded our expectations with professional customer service and the ability to remain on schedule! They have been a great asset to the condominium.

Duane Komine General Manager / Hokua Condominiums February 26, 2015

The property can’t say enough about the great job you and your team did. Thanks for your hard work, close coordination, and rare smooth-running retrofit. Much appreciated!

Fairfield Residential Property Manager / The Mark on 4th February 26, 2015

SageWater performed well on this large project, we were pleased with their work.  They provided quality service and were responsive to us as well as our tenants and we would recommend them to anyone.

Jared Thompson Senior Project Manager / Blake Real Estate February 25, 2015

SageWater’s superb performance at Parkland Gardens was top-notch and most commendable.

Edward Chojnowksi Resident Manager / Parkland Gardens February 25, 2015

From the beginning of the project, my job as president was to maximize the value to our residents while causing the least inconvenience to our owners. SageWater far surpassed in both areas ... The final icing on the cake was that the project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.

Eric Johnson Board President / The Contessa Honolulu, HI February 25, 2015

I honestly did not know that one company did projects like this. That it could be done quickly and without the huge added cost and inconvenience of moving everyone out of their homes. But SageWater’s process worked! Their crews were awesome.

Ron Komine Community Manager / 1350 Ala Moana February 25, 2015

I can't say enough about the quality of your work! One of my big concerns at the onset of this contract was repairing the drywall and matching the paint without re-painting "corner to corner". One of the references I called during this time said the drywall team was the best he had ever seen, they were fast and you couldn't even tell were the cuts had been made. I remained just a little skeptical until I saw the first completed apartments. Everyone was right, you really can't tell. Thank you so much!

Lou Bradford Senior Property Manager / Ravens Crest Apartments January 19, 2015

We expected you to create a mess and had some skepticism on the outcome. However, your crews not only went out of their way to minimize the impact, but also did a beautiful job. They are true professionals. I would recommend them anytime. Their attention to detail, flawless workmanship and the way they cleaned the work area each day were especially appreciated.

Scott S. Pinckey January 19, 2015

The plumbing and finish crew performed their responsibilities in the manner commensurate with the highest standards for workmanship, professionalism and courtesy.

Brian Martin General Partner January 19, 2015